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Whether you are a new small business, or existing and looking to expand, it is important to think about risks involved, and understand what you have or have not considered.


Whether it is an existing market, or a new customer segment, we can point you in the right direction to help you with informed decisions.


Time is money. Understanding how digital technology or green energy can benefit your operating costs can assist your business goals.

Starting up


Got an idea so now what

Want to Start a Business? What questions have you considered? Whilst coming up with an idea is great, converting that idea into a customer takes thought and planning. If you are wanting to know more about key questions, click here to read more.



Finance and grants


Financial Goal for Year 1,

What have you considered in relation to financing your business idea? Starting up takes funds. For some small businesses it is personal savings - others will look to see if there are grants available, others banks. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so ensure you have looked at what is involved when you are accessing funds from any source.

Hiring People


Where is your time best spent,

Are you aware of your responsibilities in hiring people? Are you aware of what concessions are available? With Small Businesses often feeling that they have to do everything from running back office to doing marketing campaigns, administration help can feel out of reach. Our Partners, Forrest personnel can help you understand how you can employ people in your business and access concessions.



Change is constant

Hows your environment looking? Being aware of changes both inside and outside your business are important. Learning about your business environment can help you identify opportunities, manage threats and be adaptive to both changing customer behaviours and other outside forces